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A Chromium-based browser

Cent Browser is a Chromium-based browser that functions similarly with Google Chrome but offers a set of unique features. It has a neat and flexible interface that makes it easy to use and understand by all users. You can also enjoy unlimited and safe internet browsing. 

New and convenient features

Having the same software foundation as Google Chrome, Cent Browser also has the advanced and reliable functions that the other popular browser has. It also allows the users to select and apply different browser themes, add extensions, and go incognito. What makes Cent Browser stand out from other popular browsers is its additional functions. For instance, users can do mouse gestures that will prompt the browser to perform a certain action like switching through your open tabs, reloading a page, opening downloads, showing your browsing history, and switching to full-screen mode. To execute an action through mouse gestures, simply hold on the right-click button of your mouse and then move it according to the command you want to issue. Opening a new link will simply require you to click and drag.

When switching to incognito mode, Cent Browser will open a new tab instead of a new window so you would not have to navigate through separate windows every time. Speaking of tabs, there is no need to worry about having too many of them open at once. The browser features a tab bar where you can just scroll through them instead of having them squished into tiny boxes above your browser. This way, you will still be able to pinpoint which tab opens to what page instead of clicking and opening them one by one.

Chrome and Firefox combined

As mentioned above, Cent Browser possesses the same advantages Google Chrome has as they are both developed through Chromium. Their interface also looks similar to each other and that is not really much of a shock anymore. What is surprising is that Cent Browser also has similarities with Firefox and the scrollable tab bar is a good example of that. Cent Browser has put in the effort to combine the best features of those two popular web browsers. 

Bonus tools

In addition to its unique features, it also has bonus tools that you can use like the QR code generator where you can create your own QR codes, accessing search engines by right-clicking, and a boss key that can be customized to hide your windows. To prove its flexibility, you are allowed to install Google Chrome extensions on your Cent Browser and sign in to your Google account. The same goes for Google Chrome applications. Basically, all that is on the Google Chrome store are compatible with Cent Browser.

A browser for your convenience

Cent Browser’s selling point would be its ability to give you an easier and more convenient browsing experience. Its additional features are promising and very welcome. You also do not have to worry about getting lost and confused because it works similarly as the other popular browsers, except it comes with more helpful functions that you will surely appreciate.

Surf the internet with a more powerful and secure browser

Inherit all features of Google Chrome.And plus many convenient features:

Lots of Tab Options

These options are useful when you wish your browser to be more flexible and efficient.

Scrollbale Tab Bar

If you like Firefox tab bar, you may also like this one.

Incognito Tab

Now you can open an incognito tab instead of an incognito window.

Single Renderer Process and Memory Optimization

Reduce RAM consumption significantly.

Mouse Gesture

Built-in mouse gesture allow you to customize color, width, threshold of gesture trace and redefine action of each gesture.

Lazy Session Loading

Useful when startup with lots of tabs.

Privacy Protection

Many privacy-related options.

Cent Browser is based on Chrome/Chromium, so it inherit all the advantages.Additionally it integrates some Firefox features.This makes it unique from others.


  • Mouse gestures
  • Scroll through tabs
  • Compatible with all Google Chrome apps
  • Compatible with all Google Chrome extensions


  • No original interface design
  • Bonus features are unnoticeable
  • Unique features are unnoticebale

Program available in other languages

Cent Browser for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V
  • 4.1

  • Security Status

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